Artist of the moment…. Zeng Fanzhi…



this artist is a very prolific artist who paints with great expression and loves painting pieces that depict the social and political environment of the Far East.

I love his landscapes. They are very moody and have an October spooky feeling about them.  The figure down from a worms eye was really made by the long grasses blowing in the wind. The artist was born in 1964 in China.

You may see some of the artists work at this gallery which is located in London.

The artist lives and works in Beijing, China.

His portraits are stunning for the emotion they contain. Similar to a Kathe Kolwitz or Edward Munch you can feel the emotion of the subject. For a great example please check out some of the artist’s “Hospital Series”

How about a wormseye or a birdeye view on your next landscape?

Keep learning!


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