Artist Li Jin…

is an artist who likes to pick on or exaggerate the ugliness of the human body. To depict it worse than it appears. He works often with an ink wash on some sort of rice paper. He was born in 1958 and finished college in 1983.

He paints everyday actions that take place such as eating, going to the bathroom or taking a bath, or reading. Its as if the camera guy sneaks up on the person and catches them by surprise. The characters have good feeling of themselves, self confident and not taking care in the least that they are being painted or photographed.

Growing up in the cultural revolution in china meant giving most of your THINGS to the gov.t to concentrate on making the society better, not enriching ones own wealth. Doing a  private thing such as bathing or going to the bathroom became very public.

The artist rarely paints kids, rather he adds dogs to his works. To him they are great because they love to be around humans and live a simple life. Sleep, eat, play, and mate.

Try painting  or drawing a caricature of yourself on the pot or going to the bathroom. I am sure it will make you smile!



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