The Snowflake photographer… Wilson Bentley…


this man is one of my favorite photographers who was the first to specialize in snapshots of snowflakes. The artist always was obsessed with the snow since childhood and was amazed by the fact that no two were alike. Over his years he earned 4,000 but spent 15,000 in photographing snowflakes.

Mr. Bentley was born in 1865 and grew up on the farm and was a farmer as an adult. His photographs of snowflakes were featured in National Geographic as well as other periodicals of the time such as the Nature Journal and Popular Science. He termed snow crystals “ice crystals”

He used very simple crude methods using only a microscope and a bellows camera. His technique involved using black velvet which really made the individual snowflakes pop out from the background.

Mr. Bentley was to put out a book called Snow  Crystals but while out in a blizzard he caught pneumonia and died before the book was released.

Hats off to Mr. Bentley for his unique idea and keeping at it because he loved what he was doing, not for any financial gain or to become famous. He loved what he did!

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