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Chinese Ink Artist Fu Baoshi…

This artist was born in 1904 in China in the Xinyu province and died in 1965. He is one of the most important figures in modern chinese painting of the last century. The Artist was an apprentice and was heavily inspired by Japanese style of art and incorporated the style into his form of chinese ink painting.

Soon after school he was invited to teach at the University level and made translations of several Japanese Art books. He did many studies and made books about the ancient painting techniques used as early as the latter part of the fourth centuries.

Fu was one of the leaders of the New Chinese Painting Movement and this became evident around 1950. The artist was obsessed with the artist Shi Tao and even changed his name to Bao Shi in respect of the artist. He loved to study and learn from this master artist.

Though this type of landscape relies more on tone and value than color, the inks can be mixed to be all of the red blue or what ever color family the artist would like.  In person you can see the use of color and the soft transitions.

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