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Chinsee Ink Artist Li Huayi

Chinese Ink artist Li Huayi was born in 1948 in Shanghai, China. He was trained as an artist since the age of 6.  The artist takes lessons learned from both western and eastern painters including Mark Rothko and many great local artist who taught him the lessons of design and also floral painting. Blending ancient materials with new contemporary design patterns his compositions are unique and done on scrolls, rice paper, and even fans.

Eventually the Chinese culture and chairman Mao forced the artist to become a propoganda artist  for the communist party. In 1982 at the age of 34 he left San Fransisco.  The artist talks about the use of chi, a powerful force of energy within ones self for help in designing compositions, where to place the lights and darks, and also the use of strong horizontal against vertical marks.

Try a landscape in a reduced color format. Really push the light and dark shapes to that a viewer can identify the scene from far away. If you have the chance to see some Ansel Adams work, pay attention to the light and darks he used. Many times the viewer can see the photo is a river or mountain or tree from many feet away from the photo.

Keep learning!