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Artist of the moment… Rupert Garcia Cover Art on ARTnews magazine…..

This magazine is one of my favorites.  I wasn’t familiar with this artist known for his poster and Chicano style. His work on the cover of this months magazine is a print of  Frida Kahlo. He also has done Pablo Picasso in the past in a similar manner. This artist loves to involve political and social aspects in his work.

The artist was born in 1941 in California and attended Stockton university as well as San Francisco and got a degree in Painting.

The artist became very provocative in his political views around 1960s and 70s making poster prints for things he believed in such as land rights, civil liberties and rights, and also the United Farm Workers. He liked the Pop Art movement for its flat planes and contrasting colors.

His work is in several museums and private and public collections.

Try a simple 2 color portrait of your favorite artist. Picasso and Kahlo are great because its easy to find reference photos of their faces that have lots of shadows so its easy to develop a flat plane.Look at some lithographs of pop artists to find the colors you can experiment with. Some phychadelic greens and purples can be put to great use!

keep learning!