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Artist of the Moment …. Alex Katz….

this artist is well known for a modernistic style of the figure. His use of color as well as different printing techniques are amazing. Monoliths, linocuts, lithographs are among some of his techniques. He works in an extremely large scale, many portraits are 40 by 60 or larger. Usually only one face at a time.

The artist was the son of Russian immigrants and was born in 1927. He was born and grew up in Brooklyn.

One characteristic of his work is the people look flattened. He tries to emphasize the fact it is great to be alive!

During his first ten years as a painter he destroyed over 1,000 pieces, thats quite a perfectionist!

his main representation is thru Listed here are some old exhibitions he has had of the 1960s and various other figure shows.

Try a large closeup in the alex katz style, just to see if you can change your mind into painting in a modern manner.

Keep learning!