Artist of the moment… Warner Friedman…where art and architecture combine…

as one critic wrote, one doesn’t look AT  a Friedman painting, one looks though them. With very unique designs and patterns of  repetition the viewer eyes are always searching for where lines in and new forms and shapes begin.

The artist was born in New York City in 1935. He won awards for art as a youngster, but went to college at Clarkson in New York and became an engineer. While still and engineer Friedman enrolled at the Pratt Institute for art classes at night. He went on to Cooper Union college, at the time the only university that combined art and architecture and engineering.

To make it simple I shall brake down his design shapes.  Most if not all works are framed by design shape that leads the viewer into the picture. You might be looking thru a door, a window, a fence overlooking the ocean, or maybe overlooking a balcony.

Although the artist is 75, please note the very contemporary design of the painting Summertime. Here we have a classic curved river, but the fact that you looking thru a window at it gives the picture are far different feel than say a Rembrandt.

The artist works mainly in acrylics.

How about drawing the view of a scene looking out the front window of your apartment, but this time draw the window in as well.

Keep discovering! Art is a field where the older one is the better, since you will have accumulated so much information!


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