Artist of the moment… Jinni Thomas….

This artist is just great and I enjoy her process of layering elements.  Her work consists many layers, 30 to 40 sometimes, that are applied worn down and applied again. The artist has lived and worked in Sante Fe, New Mexico for 40 years.  Some of the ingredients she uses are wax, sand, venetian plaster, and marble gesso.Even though the viewer may not recognize the text used in her pieces, it helps to create depth and intrigue.

One of my first blogs I talked about and the text / calligraphic art of Denis Brown.  I think anytime you can include text it also helps create mystery and intrigue of the piece.

Her final addition to her work is an application of wax. Enjoy this wonderful artist for her creativity, patience for mastery of craft, and most important her ability to make changes, and changes, and changes. Don’t be afraid as an artist to try something new and different, in the end it will only foster more growth.

Mel Bochner, Ed Ruscha, Robert Jackson are some other artists who use text in their work. Check them out and try some of your own ideas!

Keep up the journey!


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