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Artist of the Moment…. Rosson Crow…

this painter was born in 1982, so a newbie to the artworld so to speak. I was enticed this artists painting of interiors at both at night and during midday times.  These pieces are large, many 11 foot by 7 foot. Old western taverns, the new york stock exchange from the early 1900s.  The artist starts with tight drawings of the interiors, then the paintings become abstract and oils paints and even dripping enamel is added.

The artist moved from Texas to Los Angeles and has done paintings of area hotels and dance halls where musicians like Johnny Cash used to frequent. Some of the landmarks are now demolished,this doesn’t stop the artist from rendering them.

In some works the artist uses text in the form of graffiti or old vintage neon signs to make the pieces even more fun to look at!

If nothing else get out there and at least draw an interior. Remember YOU are in control so only strongly light the objects you wish the viewer to focus on. The barrooms have a musty, smoke filled, machismo place painted excellently by a great contemporary female artist!

Keep learning !