Plein Aire Masters…. Camille Przewodek

This artist FANTASTIC website is

This artist is inspired by color, Monet, and Impressionism.  What I enjoy about her work is the layering of complimentary colors and also the colors she uses in her dark shapes. Many times you see summer landscape paintings that are well done and spectacular, but as for going on a wall in a house they aren’t a fit because the paintings contain too much green paint. This artist is influenced by Monet, to me its evident in the purples she uses when painting a green landscape.

The artist says the best way to learn about changing light is to paint the same landscape at different times of the day. That is why a student that wants to improve their plein aire work should watch Tim Deibler’s new dvd which he paints the same landscape at 3 different times of the day.

This artist has been in American Artist magazine and frequently appears in American Art Collector. She finished college in 1975 then went to Europe. Here she created postcard paintings to send back to the states and her love of art reached a high level of appreciation. She studied art in San Francisco with master painter Henry Hensche.

The artist believes any scene is beautiful if you look long enough.

Get out there and do some on site painting or sketching!

Keep learning!


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