Plein Aire Painter…. Tim Deibler…

I really enjoy the simplicity of design and the layering of complimentary colors by this artist. As a teacher, his dvd lessons are well worth adding to your collection. He paints quickly and looks for simple geometric shapes. Also, by using a limited palette when he paints, its easier to figure out what colors when layered give the effect the artist would like to achieve.

Not only is he a great artist, but he is also a fantastic self promoter  and biz man. On his website under his paintings you can see some of what he calls miniatures. I love this style of painting. Fresh and free and on a small canvas. Many  of his 5 x 7’s are only $100 or so and thru his site you can get deals on his teaching lesson dvds. He also has many 9 by 12 plein aire pieces for sale on his site as well.

This artist grew up in Oklahoma and studied with many well known area artists. He gained national recognition for his paintings entered in the know defunct Arts for the Parks program. His painting of Old Faithful landed inside the top 100 in 1997.

In Denver see his work at  In person his layering technique is impressive and his use of thick paint gives his work a bold energetic feel.

His newest dvd he paints the same scene at 3 different times of day. Very interesting!

Get out there and paint!

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