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Painters of cityscapes Mark Lague…

Artist website :

Mark Lague is a Canadien painter that has gained national recognition for his paintings of large urban areas. His style is unique simply because of his brush strokes. As most urban painters he is fond of painting reflections and lights and their reflections in the rain.

Mark Lague has loved to draw and still does so daily. Hooray for that ! After attending college he went on to work in the animation industry. I found that he calls himself the painter of light.  In the states that would be Thomas Kinkade, its interesting to me that both artists worked in the animation industry working on backgrounds. Both Mr. Lague and Mr. Kinkade have both come a long way since then!

He first started grabbing some national attention with his watercolours and then switched to oils in the early 2000s. If you are having some trouble getting an exciting design in your cityscapes look no further.

Also this artist paints some of the best taxi cabs you will ever see.

keep learning!