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Artists who paint great waterscapes…. Thomadro

Thomas Madro who signs his work Thomadro is a very creative artists using new mediums and blending new and old for some really unique pieces.  He received a Bachelors of Fine art in 1974 from the San Diego State University.

Some of his collectors are Robert DiNiro, George Bush Senior and Junior, Joe Pesci.

Not content using the oft used technique of layering paint and blending, Thomadro uses translucent and opaque acrylic paint, ink, resin, and lacquer to give much added depth to his paintings.  On his website you can see these works in his Illumini section of the website. Its as if there are 2 paintings on each canvas! Some of the time with the water he used glow in the dark materials.

The pictures above are 2 shots of the same picture taken in varying light. Enjoy!

Keep being creative and exposing yourself to new artists, we all can learn from each other.



Artists who paint great water… Navarro Montilor…

Navarro Montilor was born in the Spanish City of Alcor in 1965. He attended the university of Valencia in Spain and received a degree in economics. He also attended college for Art and got an art degree from the Ciculo de Belles Artes.

His favorite subject is the sea and the various reflections of light with the sun, especially at sunset. He’s inspired by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

This artist shows great depth in his water paintings, I feel you can learn a lot by looking at his work and seeing the placement of dark and light values around waves.

Keep painting and learning!