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Artists who paint great seascapes and bodies of water… John Stobart…

The picture titled “View from the Lieutenant River” is very similar to a field sketch he does from very nearly the same exact location, just outside of the lyme, academy in Connecticut. You can see the picture made from start to finish.

John Stobart was born in the U.K. in 1929  and attended college there. Eventually he came to love painting the seas. He is easily the highest priced and most collected marine artist working today, garnering  $600,000 for a large piece.

I came across this artist after buying a tape of his on Ebay. He produced some lessons for pbs a few years back and they are worth purchasing if you have the chance. He paints plein air with several well known marine artists such as Mike Karas, Luke Jacobsen, and Charles Movalli. I found these lessons very informative.  Buy them if you can come across them!

Mr. Stobart continues to paint and his website is .

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