Artists who paint great water and seascapes…… JB Boyd…

a wonderful young contemporary artist who paints landscapes from unique vantage points. His main gallery is  He lives on Goat Island across from the Isle of Palms in the Barrier Islands near Charleston, South Carolina. Only about 10 year round residents live there and he is one of them.

To get his unique vantage points he climbs up a ladder and also uses a tripod. It allows him to get his really high up perspectives like looking back into the creeks from the beaches to see how they create these shapes that carve out of the grass. I also enjoy his sky paintings. He really tries to use different views of the horizon line and you might see a painting of his be 4 foot long but only 4 inches high!

The main thing he likes about his living space is the way the land curves and long and low horizon lines that stretch and curve forever.

Keep painting and learning every day and you WILL become a success overnight.



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