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Artists who paint awesome water…… David Drummond

In 2007 Mr. Drummond received 3rd place in the Artists Magazine contest that had more than 11,000 entries. Mrs. Laura Bush also purchased some of his work and it is in the permanent White House Collection.

Mr. Drummond is known for his lush paintings that include water and the rocky terrain around Lake Powell. He was born in Pennsylvania but moved to Colorado and eventually got a doctorate in physics. He joined the airforce but loved painting even more and became a full timer in 1986.

He was a perennial entry in the Arts for the Parks while it was still going. He has a daughter that also is a painter.

He has a special technique he uses with watercolor as he pours puddles on and then manipulates the paper to give the water movement. Learn from this artist to push the light and dark contrast in the frontal part of the picture to give it depth. The foreground of his water is a great example of how a master painter does it.

One of my favorite watercolorists!

Keep painting and learning! Always more to learn, never forget that!