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Artists who paint awesome water… Leigh Wen

This artist just recently got married but still uses her maiden name, if you do a google search do it for Leigh Wen and you will come across her homepage. One thing to notice about ocean and wave painters, many don’t give the water a rhythm or give it enough depth by making the water have enough darks.

This artist usesĀ  a blend of Eastern culture having grown up in Taiwan and now living in America. The Eastern philosophy that pushes self-lessness and self-discipline against the Western world of egoism, materialism, and desire. The artist uses a stylus to put the lines in her amazing water!

A great deal is to be learned from artists who are great at a certain genre. Study the movement and color combinations the artists uses, they are really harmonious.

the artists website is and check out her fire, earth, sculpture pages you will be amazed!

As always keep painting and practicing, its the journey not the end result you need to keep in mind!

Never give up!