Artist of the Moment…. Ken Price sculptor, mixed media

Ken Price was born in 1935 and currently lives in Los Angeles. He is well known for working in a variety of mediums including ceramics, acrylics, and printmaking.  For me I enjoy his unique perspective on landscapes, vary high up and looking down or out across a large horizon.

He graduated from college from University of Southern California in 1956. He was inspired to try ceramics by visiting the small mexican villages on short trips from his home in California. In this period he made the happy curios series,  small ceramic pieces meant to be affordable art for everyone like he saw in Mexico..

Mr. Price had his first solo show in 1960, the art scene didn’t embrace the artist or his contemporaries at first as Los Angeles didn’t really have an art scene yet.   The artist now resides in Taos and Massachusetts were he continues to work as an artist with his son Jackson working with him as an assistant.

I hope this artist inspires you to try a new layout and view on a cityscape scene.



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