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Artist of the moment…. Sally Curcio…

a great new contemporary artist who is great at installations and mixed media pieces. This artist works often in a series and my favorite series of hers is the bubble series. Badminton shuttlecocks, tennis balls, eyelashes, makeup applicators, and various other found objects  all come together to make small worlds which the artist herself calls a mix between Thomas Kinkade and a snow globe. I found them absolutely charming and was intrigued by them the first time I saw them.

The hair series was quite imaginative as well, in olden days people used to share locks of hair with loved ones. It was before photographs were the norm and the hair would be kept in a locket or piece of glass. The artist then took some hair and made her own modern day lockets! I love the creativity expressed here!

Her latest installation has to do with how much blood a woman looses during her menstrual cycle over her life time. Its quite amazing to think of and confront all of those pockets of blood. This artist is exciting and always thinking of fresh ideas.

She was educated and went to college in England. She currently has a studio in Florence, Massachusetts. Her website is