Artist Jack Levine…..

Jack Levine was born in 1915 and still practices art today. His work is a mix of caricature and realism. Painting mostly an aristocratic crowd at parties or large social gatherings, a social commentary and satire all in one. Among his favorite subjects mobsters and politicians.  In one of the articles about him he mentioned how he rarely if ever uses a model, rather relying on his memory and exaggeration to get his message to the viewer.

Born to Jewish Lithuanian parents Mr. Levine grew up in the south side of Boston. He attended Harvard and from 1935 to 1940 was part of the Works Progress Administration. He first exhibition in New York City was at the Museum of Modern Art. In this period of the late 30s to early 40s his career was forged on paintings that spoke about the corruption and scandal of local politicians and his very unique satirical way of painting was born.

In 1989 a film documentary was made of him called Feast of Pure Reason. This artist is one of my favorite of all time as he has taken something that is usually so serene and somber, a portrait of an aristocrat, and given it life and vitality by exaggerating parts of figures for a certain affect.  Also painting older/ long dead persons like Napoleon if he were alive today, so unique! Please take some time to research on your own this great american master.

Keep those pencils and brushes moving!



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