artist of the day … Mel Bochner…

another typography artist is Mel Bochner.

Mel Bochner is known for using typography in his work, but also mixing mediums I haven’t seen anywhere else. I especially like his oil on velvet paintings. Never seen a painting done on velvet before.  He is known as a post modernist that liked to visualize the abtract concept of movement.  Mr. Bochner was born in Pittsburgh in 1940 but moved to New York and drew inspiration from artist like Sol Lewitt and Eva Hesse.

I came across this artist by studying the artist Mickalane Thomas, he was one of her biggest influences while she studied at Yale.

Mr. Bochner also is known for doing large installations including numbers and letters.

He is represented by Peter Freeman Inc. and has work in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

How about letting loose and trying a new exercise. Take your emotional state right now. Describe it in a few words and right them down. If you feel unsure about designing the lettering as you would like use a stencil to help in the drawing of the letters. Pick one color and maybe its compliment and paint in the letters. If you are angry and upset, how about using red and black and maybe even throwing the paint at the canvas a la Jackson Pollack.

This artist is great for anyone trying something new. If you check  out this artists’ work on you will be impressed with the many different paintings he has made using words or the same words. He really challenged what I thought a viewer might see in an art gallery and that is why I love this artist!

happy painting and keep those brushes and pencils moving!



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