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African Americans in Art…. Grafton Tyler Brown…

Grafton Tyler Brown was the first African American painter to be known for lithography and landscapes that were honest depictions rather than romantically exaggerated as those of Albert Bierstadt or Thomas Moran. Brown was born in Pennsylvania in 1841. In the 1860s he moved to San Francisco and started to study the art of lithography. The name of the firm he worked at was CC Kuchel, he took over the firm after the partners death. When this happened he was only 26 years old.

He printed stock certificates and the certificate shown above includes his companies logo. He also worked for the Army Engineers and made charts and maps. He was known for his paintings of cities seen from a bird’s eye view. His most famous lithographic production was the The Illustrated History of San Mateo County. In it were 72 views of the communities and ranches. Mr. Brown died in 1918.