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African Americans in Art… Ron Hicks…

Ron Hicks fell in love with art at an early age, working on books his mother got for herself to become an artist. He attended Art school in Ohio and also studied here in Denver. His main break came after a few good local shows that got his work out there. Ron paints mainly the figure and loves to paint with very little color, concentrating more on feeling and mood and atmosphere.

One artist whose name I forgot had a great saying, color is individual but mood is universal. Take the color out, but if the picture was  just black and white would it make a statement, that is what can be said about Ron Hicks’. Having studied at the Denver Art Students League I learned a great deal from Ron, the 2 most important are to control color by using neutral greys, and always use soft edges. Although I like to throw in a few here and there to make it more interesting.

Ron gives many demonstration paintings and classes and as a teacher he is just great! For someone wanting to learn an impressionistic way of painting you can’t do better than Ron Hicks! His works have been featured in American Art Collector magazine as well as American Artist Workshops for Oil and Acrylic Painters. Mr. Hicks also teaches at the Denver Art Students League.

Keep painting drawing and learning!  Its not about the end point its about the Jourey to try and get there!