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African Americans in Art… Charles Porter

Charles Ethan Porter was a great painter of still lifes of fruit and some floral scenes.  The prime of his career was spent fighting racism and the modern movement, but his floral scenes have wide appeal by collectors.  He was born in 1850 some reports list 1847. He attended college at the National Academy of Design and then went to live in Paris and study for 6 years. Upon returning in 1885 he opened his own studio.

For sometime he shared a studio with Gustave Hoffman. Hoffman would sell Porter’s paintings door to door as people wouldn’t buy art from a black artist. Relatively little is known about this great artist in the latter stages of his life.

He died in the early 1920s and his work is being heralded more and more by modern day collectors than he could have ever dreamed possible during his life.

Hope this garnered you some inspiration!

Happy Painting!