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African Americans in Art… Romare Bearden

Romare Bearden was born in 1911 and was a key figure in the Harlem Renaissance.  He attended Lincoln U. , Boston U. and finally got a degree in education from NYU in New York. Mr. Bearden worked for 3 main magazines doing editorial cartoons commentating on artistic and social issues.

In 1940 the artist had his first solo showing in Harlem and in 1944 his first solo show in Washington D.C. He married a woman from St. Martin in the Caribbean and in 1970 they took a second residence on the islands. A true artists’ artist that loved to create, he designed sets and costumes for Alvin Ailey’s Dance company as well as other dance groups. Mr Bearden also created and illustrated several books.

In 1987 Romare Bearden received the National Medal for the Arts from Ronald Reagan.

This artist has a very bold and direct use of color. While the drawings are far from technically correct, they are very emotional.  For an artist looking to try the collage technique, I highly recommend studying some works of the great artistic talents of Romare Bearden!

Get out some paper and get that pencil moving!



African Americans in Art ……… Mario Andres Robinson…

Mario Robinson is a great emerging artist who loves to paint the figure. He works mainly in charcoal, graphite, pastels and watercolors taking a couple of months to finish a piece.  You can visit his website at

Mario was born in the small town of Altus, Oklahoma. He moved to New York as a young teen and immediately excelled in art. Educated at the Pratt Institute he now works in New York and lives in New Jersey. He is drawn to see the beauty in everyday life. His goal is to challenge the way the African Americans were seen, rather than painting  a person entertaining or playing sports his goal capture the essence and solitude of each person.  He uses friends and family members as subjects rather than painting models.

Remember the best teacher is you! You in your studio EVERYDAY if only for one hour. I think we can make time for that. Most people watch 5 hours per day of television. Turn off the tube for half of that time, invest in yourself, and you will be amazed!

Keep drawing, painting, learning, and creating!