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Painterly Couple Daniel E. Greene and Wende Caporale…

today I would like to introduce you to the artist who inspires me to get better as an artist every day. Daniel E. Greene. He dropped out of high school in cincinatti to move to Miami where he drew pastel portraits of people until he saved enough money for art school. A great teacher who is great at expressing common mistakes artists make, I can’t recommend his DVDS highly enough. For color, I found his DVD Daniel Greene the color method to be the most informative DVD out there on the use of colors, especially in painting flesh tones like the masters of the past Rembrandt, Frans Hals, or Vermeer. is a great site to visit. It will give you many ideas of how to improve your drawings and paintings and how to properly design a painting. Take some time to see how the modern day masters use the different forms of color to turn a face. On this site first click on the portrait of J.F.K. I loved this piece for the colors of the skin tone here. The flesh tone is well done and matches the grey background perfectly. If you want the viewer to concentrate on the face surround the face with greys. The hair is great and taught me to use just the flesh tone for lights rather than using white. I use to use white for the highlights but then the piece became about the hair and stole attention from the face. The design of this piece was enjoyable as there is so much negative space. Makes the viewer concentrate on the president’s face.

Next take a look at the young girl in her white dress. Titled Jessie Chaffee. This is a great lesson to see the many different ways to paint white. If you have white dress or strong red dress start by greying down the dress and using plain tube white for only the highlights. For a strong red dress take a red and grey it up by adding a color like Raw umber. You can use black as well but it will be easier to control the color by using brown, sometimes black can just muddy up the piece. And he uses the darker grey purple for shadows on skin as well. The color is really controlled in this piece, controlled but used to great affect.

The last piece to look at is Candyland, under recent work at his own website www.danielgreereartist  It is still available for purchase, the price tag where I saw it displayed was $70,000. The painting is done on a square piece, I have never done a piece on a square format that I loved, so of course the design was great. You can’t tell it online, but if you see it in person you can see he really let loose and was really expressive with the whites, pinks, and reds.  He really piled them on thickly, like Soralla or the modern day artist Nancy Switzer, but only in the lights.  Nostaglic yet childlike, this piece inspires me to paint a scene of  something that seemed boring if you didn’t look close enough at it.

Mr. Greene has many dvds and books to learn from.  Now I will talk about his wife, a great painter named Wende Caporale who is known for her great work of children. She is known for not only capturing a likeness but also the essence of the subject. She has  a DVD out also, that will have your children looking great.

Having drawn younger kids for a living while in Las Vegas, the thing that ages a person quickly is drawing the smile lines thickly and drawing shadows too dark.  The lines of a younger person’s face aren’t as angular as an adult.

Lets take a look at some of her works at her website  Lets first check out Alex and Tierney in the children’s gallery. If you have trouble composing some good designs with more than 1 person in the picture take some notes here. I don’t know about having the children pose in a chair, this with the children on the floor was impressive. The Daughters painted by Sargent entitled the Daughers of Edward Darley Boit is the best painting I have ever seen of children. Design is critical especially if you are showing 2 kids as you want to compare the sizes of each.  A 1o year old to a 5 year, you don’t want to have them looking the same, push the differences. In this piece the background strokes were brilliant. The sitting poses are simple and very much childlike. The eyes are so well done, again the essence and wonder of being a child is amazing.

The next piece to glance at is Coming of Age, also in the childrens section. Its an amazing piece just considering the lenth of time it took to design and paint the background. The painting has a sense of depth enhanced by the dark corner in the left. The color and shimmering of the dress are done well. Its sometimes most difficult to draw a young teen whose nose is straight and looks older, more angular. Again pay attention to the little things on a face.

The last painting to look at is under Adult paintings titled Jane from Brighton England. Here is a good use of abstract design with the wall in the background. The hair uses many soft edges. The contrast between the hair and the wall design was just great! All in all you can learn many things by looking at the works of either of these painters.

Thanks for taking the time to learn and I hope to have given you some inspiration! Keep learning and drawing!