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Couples who paint…..Evgeny and Lydia Baranov…

this is another couple who paint great interior scenes. Both went to art school in Moscow. I have never been to a full out costume party such as in the movie Eyes Wide Shut. I love the costumes, the masks, it is all very intellectually stimulating for me.

Now lets take a look at some of their marvelous paintings from their own website.

The first one I would like you to look at is “You Don’t Own Me” part of the Venetian Carnival series.. The use of green is the thing I like about this painting the most. That and the design with the two figures. The purple greys go well together with the green of the ladies dress. The background is highly abstract the way the human eye would see the background shapes as its concentrating on the figures in front.

The second picture I just love to look at is in the 2006 Venice section titled Rio di San Luca. It reminds me of some of John Singer Sargents paintings. When I look at paintings of buildings I like to see how tight the artist  makes the narrow windows or doorways. Richard Schmid is a master. It might be a straight line, but by changing the brush work, feathering an edge, or using a palette knife many different varieties of the straight edge will exist.

Play of Light and Shade from Paris 2007. I really enjoyed this piece, you can tell its a river scene when its only a tiny picture before enlarging it. Make sure your thumbnail sketch makes sense before you enlarge it. The use of greys and greens especially in the trees is a great touch. Makes them recede and the loose edges of the brushwork indicate movement. Green is really tough to have complimentary colors included, in this case a great purple and some yellow ochre was used in the painting of the church or large building in the left.

Please take some time to review this couples work and gain some inspiration. I find it helpful if you are going overseas, say to Venice, take some time to review the paintings you like of the place. For Venice lets take John Singer Sargent, look at some of his Venice scene paintings so you can see ahead how to solve problems you may have as far as making reflections in the water, giving movement to the water, and how much detail to show in background buildings. Less is more in landscapes!

2 more painterly couples we will talk about will be Daniel E. Greene and wife Wende Caporale and then David Leffel and Sherrie McGraw. Then on to study some African American painters and other  artists who paint mainly those with dark skin such as Mary Whyte and Stephen Scott Young.

This morning on Home and Garden TV on That’s Clever one artist used clay and acrylics to make a 2 headed bust as well. Also featured was an artist who used recycled materials to make all sorts of creatures. This show is only on every tuesday here in the mountain time zone, but its a great show to gather some ideas. If you like to make homemade jewelry this is the best show for you to watch. I have seen many glass blowers as well on this show.

I made some soap this past Sunday and jotted down some notes so that will be my next post. I challenge you to make your own soap and lotion, use the EXACT ingredients you want.  Its highly satisfying to take a shower or bath and clean yourself with soap you made.

Keep learning everyday and you will go far!