Valentines week Painterly Couples Aleksey and Olga Ivanov

This couple you can see if you are in Denver at the on the corner of York and Colfax. A great gallery to see the up and comers of the art world and also some great mixed media pieces. This couple’s painting entitled Vermillion or Salt of Success was featured on the cover of American Artist Magazine. If you are the newstand be sure at least flip thru this magazine. I can’t count the number of times I have been inspired by seeing of an artist in this magazines pages.

Also see this couple on their own website They illustrate childrens book and also do fine art painting. I really enjoy their compositions and their use of mixed media in their pieces. Many pieces are done in egg tempera so of course there is quite a bit of detail in their works.

Please go to the abend gallery for some paintings to review. Look at the cover painting I was talking about, vermillion or salt of success. I have many times struggled with having floral scenes, or anything with bright come out as I would like it.  It is necessary to balance the bright color focal point with some soft greys or browns. The light and shadow also have quite a bit of contrast. Also interesting is the use of greys to paint the white thru out the painting. From the lettering to the salt container do a double check of all the off white colors used.

Next lets check out the piece titled “Ariadne” I loved the way the pictoral space is split up in this piece. The characters to left and right of the young lady and an extra sense of intrigue, what are they doing there the viewer asks? The yarn also makes the piece look really 3 dimensional. So much fun but highly skilled technically, another great piece.

The last piece I would like for to look at is Conversation, the couple with starbucks in the middle. Loved the creativity invovled here. I have never painted someone so small, but this piece inspires me to try something new to me. The composition is also interesting with the coffee cup being the largest object in the painting.

Both Ivanovs were born in the mid 60s and went to Art School in Moscow. The have been collaborating ever since meeting in art school. If you check on their own personal website you will see some examples of their works with gilding and gold leaf.  I love the way they infuse old master ideas like egg tempera, think tight pictures like Andy Wyeth used to paint, with a contemporary feel such as an asian themed cartoon and a fine portrait on the same piece.

This is great couple to learn from and also great mid career artists to start to add to your collection!

Remember, learn a little every day, don’t regress and your success will amaze even you!



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