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Demonstration reminders and husband and wife painters…

First off wanted to remind you Ron Hicks will be demonstrating figure painting at the Denver Art Students League tomorrow from1 to 3pm. Cost is $5 for members and $7 for nonmembers. If you want to see someone who loves to paint the figure, come here.

Also tomorrow Saks Galleries is having a demo featuring Wildlife artist Eldward Aldrich. If you look on and do a search about him you can tell he likes to paint foxes and is a good landscape painter especially with snow. His demo is free and is also from 1 to 3 pm on Saturday.

In celebration of LOVE and Valentines Day the next couple posts will be about man and woman painting couples. First couple I would like you to check out are Kate and Eric. Both are self taught artists who combine their skills on canvas and get some awesome results. Kate Eric is from Kate Tedman and Eric Siemens. Kate is from England and Eric is from the states. They split their time between rural Italy and San Francisco. The lush vegetation and looseness and abstractedness of their work really speaks to me.  is their website.  Paintings as well as sculptures are their specialty.

Fray Feeder and Bash from their 09 collection is amazing. I love the grey background making the red especially stand out. The piece looks like splashing water on one side and snowflake on the other! Great creativity! Fun abstract shapes one might expect to see while in the ocean! Great!

Ambush at Mal Hallows. I like the shapes in this one. Again the greys pushing red color forward. Kind of looks like mountains on the bottom. Love the spontineity of this piece.

The last days of Fire. These 3 were all in the 09 collection . The last Days of fire I especially like the technique. Embroidery collage on silk. Great. The shapes are fun and the fire feels hot. I hope you check more of this couples work and see all the mediums they work in!

Keep learning and more couples next time!