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Artist who paint great trees…. Scott Duce

Today I would like to introduce you to Scott Duce. A great artist who paints trees, many times only one tree in a scene. Quiet and moody, I absolutely love this artist.

Check this artist out at Look under his bio and you can see many of his works.

The first work you should check out is antelope sky. Some things you should learn from this piece are the gradation of the sky from the zenith to the ground. Notice his color changes and the changes in tone as you look down to the bottom of the painting. Also look at designing some FUN shapes in the clouds. Take that cloud and make it yours. Don’t render the exact cloud you see before you, make it your own.

Autumn maker .25 is another great work. Reminds me of  Taj Walton who we discussed before with this design. One tree out in front and a thick row behind. I really enjoyed the color and feeling of isolation in this piece.

The last piece I will bring to your attention is bay light .2 I enjoyed the reflection of light and the play on water. Have some fun trying to paint the ocean and its reflective properties. Always remember that the ocean greys everything, takes the chroma down in all reflections it includes.

Please take the time to research this artist more on your own so you may see how to properly compose and execute drawings where the tree is the subject matter, sometimes only one tree.

Well that is all I have time to write for today.

Keep painting, drawing, and learning! The journey is worth the end results!