Artists who paint trees Gregory Packard

today I would like to introduce you to Gregory Packard. A painter who loves thick paint and paints often in the rocky mountains. You can see his work at look under greg packard.

These works are under sold inventory. When you have the chance, make sure and see what works in style and in favor now. Might give you a better idea to become a painter who actually sells.

First painting you should check out would crescendo. I love his use of aspens in all of his work. Aspens are great since the coloring is grey, its easy to play with reflective light of the leaves and sky. Check out the many colors he uses to change form on his trees. And the sky, looks like a cool afternoon rocky mountain winter day. Love it!

Seasonal Road. This painting is great because you can see how to weave together some colors you might now ordinarily use on a landscape. The oranges, greens, and purples all work well together in this scene. I especially loved the purple and pink roads, makes my burnst sienna, or burnt umber pathways seem kind of plain.

Last painting I would like you to see is Winter Letting Go.The greens purples and blues are really harmonious. I especially like how Mr. Packard paints his trees, rather than using the palette knife. Painted pine trees are especially rare. Please see his blog and journal entries as well. Often times he adds poems of what he is feeling at  a certain moment.

Keep painting drawing and learning! The journey never ends.

Till next time!

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