Artists who paint trees…Mixed Media Artist Tal Walton

I love this artists work. He seems to paint on a marbled ground. I am very curious to see this artists work in person and found out he has a gallery close by in Fort Collins. Plan to visit it within 2 weeks time.  To see the gallery I will visit please go to and look for his name.

Lets talk about some of his works. Red Rose is great. It breaks many of the adhered to ideas of composition. I have seen thousands of still lifes and not one where the flower is nearly straight up and down in composition. The use of varnish is keen and helps give the surface a different and fun texture. From this picture I couldn’t really find the use of gold leaf, will have to add to the post when I see it in person. But great composition idea and well executed.

If you can, try doing some flowers where no vase is involved. Dyanna Hesson and georgia okeefe did this by enlarging the flower tremendously. Try some ideas where its just one single flower in the picture plane and use simple simple shapes in the design.

Standing as One is also a great  piece to discuss. You get the foreground tree without leaves. It seems his style is to have the trees long and lengthy as if they are dancing or swaying in the wind. And then behind the skeleton of the tree is shows the viewer what it looks like when the trees are in full blossom in the summer. Similar to showing a single person, and then also what the person looks like in a group of people. Gold leaf is used as a reflection of the sun here, you can feel the hotness of the scorched earth especially compared to the more boring and flat color next to it.

Also view this artists work @ He is just in fine form in this painting. The viewer can feel the hot summer sun going away for the evening. Instead of giving us bare bones trees in the front, we get leaves on this trees as well, though the background is still fully covered with leaves. The play of light in the foreground trees, maybe an underpainting of oranges and yellows and glazing the green over the top, give real depth to the piece. I have no idea what the square gold leaf box represents, but I enjoy the picture tremendously. I have used aluminum and silver leaf for snow and ice patches but never thought to use gold leaf to indicate sun on the earth.  I get the same sense of feel from Gustav Klimts landscape work, so real but so abstracted at the same time.

I hope you take the time to look at more of this artists work. Remember to keep the trees long and lean and full of life. Keep painting, the journey is tough but well worth it.

Many more painters of trees to cover! We are just getting started.

Get to sketching and painting a few new ideas right now!

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