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Recycled materials artist Don Charles…

Today I would like to mention the wonderful sculptor Don Charles. A great thinker who lives in a 3d whimsical world. Similar to the painter James Christensen, but in 3d form. Sometimes using beds of nails for grass, or for a horses mane. He gets an A+ for creativity but also for the end result. To see some of this artists work please go to and check under Don Charles.

The first piece that caught my attention was a piece titled Pinocchio’s Whale. I knew it was a large creature of the sea from a distance. The same as you might be attraced to any painting from a distance you know what it is, you want to get closer. Rawhide, wood, zinc, and even glass eyes were used. No one really sculpts the creatures of the sea, but to make them look so animated and lively, my favorite of the pieces at this gallery.

The next piece I will talk about is Icarus. Its great to see common stories and characters brought to 3 dimensions. I can’t wait until I see a lifesize avatar sculpture! Icarus is great because its a whimsical thought brought to 3 dimensions. If you are ever painting or drawing Icarus try to make your character different find a unique way of doing the wings. I have seen some sculptors make a casting of their hands and use it as wings. Try something different! Loose, but very effective work here. Clay is so simple, that is one reason I love it!

The Last work I will talk about is the Clay Horse. I loved the nails used in the mane it looks like and the shape of the tail. Looks like the horse just swatted some flies. A great piece.

Found Object Art Book is a great look at all the recycled materials artists out there. Worth checking out if you get the chance. I will be highlighting several mixed media and strange media artists. One artists who sculpts in bubble gum! And another with match sticks! The art world is where the excitements at, turn the television off and get to a gallery!

Also get a chance to check out the painter James Christensen and you will understand why I think his work is similar to Don Charles. Both artists have a narrative and whimsical feel to their work. You will enjoy it.

Remember to go see Ron Hicks painting demo this weekend at the Meiningers on Broadway in downtown Denver. It goes from one to three pm this Saturday. I hope to see you there!

Keep painting, drawing, and learning! The journey is well worth it!