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Graffiti artists…

today I will talk about the art of the street otherwise known as graffiti art. There are some who have taken street art to the highest level, turning in painting on trains and subway cars and worn down buildings for painting on canvas. Some still use spray enamel paint. You can view works by doing a google search with the query and then the artists name behind that. Its a great way to see multiple works by different artists.

Basquiat- Became super famous in the 1980s, the first African- American painting star. Classified by most as a neo-expresisonist. Friends with Warhol and dated madonna in the early 1980s. A movie was made about his life I highly recommend, movie name is Basquiat. He was also in a movie called Downtown 81, please see that one as well.  His tag for a long time was SAMO, a tag is street lingo for your signature that way people would know who made the piece. Basquiat was internationally collected despite having died at 28 from drug overdose. Born 1960 and died in 1988. There is a great movie called Basquiat I highly recommend and he was in a movie called Downtown 81 which is another great artistic production.

Chris “Daze” Ellis- Born 1962. Works with spray paint on canvas. Does multiple figure on canvas. Not highly rendered, more a loose and street style. Bold color usage.

John “Crash” Matos= Born in 1961. After Basquiat probably the most famous graffiti artist. Saw some of his work on a trip to Holland one time. Has been in fine art shows since 1983. Similar to a modern day roy lichtenstein. Bold use of color, I love the way he does the figure or just parts of it like the eye. Sometimes uses spray paint.

Donald “Dondi” White. Born in 1961. His specialty was making good designs and works using letters. Before fonts on computers came along only gifted artists could make lettering exciting. Died in 1998 from aids.

Rick Prol- Born 1958 and was an assistant to Basquiat Known for urban looking cartoon work. Planes similar to Basquiat. I like a little more realism than this, but he is still sought after by collectors. A child like image.

Here we celebrate creativity so all art is loved and recognized. Also if you have some time and are up early don’t forget to watch That’s Cleaver on the Home and Garden Network at 5:30 am. On each 30 minute episode you get 4 art and craft projects you might work on. Today a lady knitted a purse, a man made a huge wooden sculpture, and a grandmother made a doll out of polymer clay. I have an idea know as to how I would sculpt a head of polymer clay. Use this show to get ideas for another project for you to try. Its especially great for us mixed media artists.

Thanks for reading! Keep painting, drawing, and learning. Its a never ending journey!