Incredible drawings and the artists who make them…

So more information on current artists whose drawings are inspiring to me. You can buy or rent these lessons from a variety of sources like smartflix or art-video. Keep an eye on Ebay auctions at least once per week. I have found some lessons that you couldn’t find elsewhere on the web.

The first DVD I would like to talk about would be  Casey Baughs. A tech student who made a portfolio of drawings and showed them to Richard Schmid. Mr. Baugh moved back east to study with Richard Schmid and his art has really taken off. This lesson was great because it showed me a new way to apply charcoal to canvas or paper. The main difference between what I would call fine art and commercial art, print art that you might see in the newspaper is hard edges. By using a charcoal sock and a tortillion you learn how to apply a light dusting of dark shapes without an outline. For me it would be great if you could do them both. His results are really great and interesting shapes abound in his backgrounds with this technique. 

Daniel  E. Greene N.A. this is short for the National Academy of Art.  The lesson is Portrait Drawing with Daniel E. Greene. This is a great DVD showing you step by step how he makes a fine art portrait from start to finish, at the end he takes the drawing to a completed stage in pastels and its amazing. Having seen Mr. Greene’s work in person, its amazing. I was able to see a subway series, the mosaics he paints are just amazing. If you are in Denver try and catch the Salon D’Art show, its where I saw his work for the first time. I will add his website to the blogroll shortly. Also follow the oil painters of america. Here is where you can see the best of the best if you like traditional oil painting.  Mr. Greene is a great teacher, and more importantly a great communicator of what he is thinking at the moment. As you go along in your art journey you will find that some artists have a technique they use, but they can’t explain to you why they make the decisions that they do.

Burton Silverman. The Language of Drawing. Watch from start to finish Mr. Silverman draw 2 portraits. Its great to learn from an artist who has been both an illustrator and a fine art painter. I always have pages of notes after watching Burton do anything with a pencil. A great value to since you get to see him work on 2 pieces. By using some different colored pencils on a toned paper you can create some amazing results.

Kent Lind and how to airbrush a caricature on a t shirt. This is a great lesson if you would like to learn how to add color to your caricatures. I bought this video after agreeing to work for Fasen Arts. I had only 3 weeks to learn the airbrush and not really anyone to teach me. In this lesson he draws a caricature of Robert DeNiro and colors it with the airbrush. Its great because its a simple likeness and not to exaggerated so its easy to follow. His color method is pretty straighforward and I found it very helpful for a beginner to mid level artist who wants to improve their caricature level and that of using the airbrush.

The last information to share would be that of  This guy worked for the same company I worked with as well. Its a year by year journey of where he started and where he is now. After not getting into Cal Arts the first time he didn’t give up. He kept improving and improving and got accepted. You can see his drawings and what all goes into making a ball bounce or other animation ideas. This artist is currently studying and working at Disney Studios. Learn how to keep lines simple and how to put action in all drawings from this site.

That is all for now! Keep drawing and learning.

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